King Shaker Technical Stack is a (close to) single page website designed to do one thing well: sell metal protein shakers.

From approximately back to front, these are the key tools & libraries which we used to put it together and continually deploy any changes

  1. AWS Elastic Beanstalk - reliable deployment infrastructure
  2. Docker - reliable containerisation of dependencies (Node / Meteor) for deploment to AWS
  3. Github - almost goes without saying really
  4. CircleCI - automated testing
  5. Meteor - a wonderfully productive application framework
  6. Velocity - test runner
  7. SASS/SCSS - because CSS is pretty limited
  8. Flow Router (SSR) - routing library for meteor that (at last) does a great job of server side rendering
  9. React.js - our UI view library of choice
  10. Stripe - payments
  11. SendGrid - emails
  12. Moment.js - formatting times
  13. Numeral.js - formatting numbers
  14. Fontastic - icons
  15. MixPanel - analytics
  16. Google Analytics - analytics

It's pretty easy to argue it's over engineered considering the relative simplicity of the task at hand - but hey, being engineers we don't like making life easy for ourselves.

If you're interested in the project, please email us at - we'd love to hear from you. Or you can get to us through usual social media channels.